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A service you can count on. We offer reliable, expert fence installation and repairs in Jacksonville. Our professional contractors can help you enjoy the benefits of owning a fence. Added privacy and beauty are just a phone call away. Call today to speak with one of our experts. If you’re concerned about a broken enclosure, or simply want to re-invigorate it, our dependable crew will turn back the time and have your fence back to its pristine state in hours.

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Fence Repair in Jacksonville, FL

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Do you need a fence fixed or replaced in Jacksonville, Florida? As one of the leading Jacksonville fence companies in the area, Best Fence Jacksonville supplies solutions for helping Florida homeowners and businesses. Enjoy an attractive, protective fence that serves your needs for years to come. Our ultimate goal is for you to leave, not only satisfied, but ecstatic with our work and our passion. You will have a durable, low maintenance fence that will be the pride of the neighborhood. 

Our experienced team is here to help you get your fence repaired or replaced in a timely manner. Our experts will finish the job fast and with quality products and a strict, rigorous quality control procedure. Whether it’s wood, aluminum, vinyl, or chain link fence repair in Jacksonville, FL, we service all materials and all properties. What’s more, we’re happy to take the time to help you understand the pros and cons of the options available.

We take pride in offering modern, custom fencing solutions. If you’re looking for an affordable fence in Jacksonville, FL one that will fit your needs while also adapting to your budget, then let our experts guide you. Residents of the region can enjoy their product knowing full well that every factor has been accounted for; the unique topography, weather of the area, their sensibilities, and their budget. 

Don’t let a damaged or broken fence put your property at risk or reduce its aesthetic appeal! 

We provide a comprehensive fence repair service for fences of all styles, sizes, and materials. If a previous fence was installed improperly, we’ll help you come up with a solution for ensuring that your new setup can provide the stability you need and desire. This is especially important if you’re seeking to repair or update a pool fence based on national safety codes. If you’re having issues with a damaged dog fence, it’s important to bring in a company that understands chain link fence repair in Jacksonville, FL that can stop breaches.

Fence Repair Jacksonville Fl
Best fence Jacksonville

Our Services


Fence Installation

We install all types of fence – both for commercial and residential applications. We install chain link, vinyl, wood, ornamental iron, and more. No fence project is too big or too small for Best Fence Jacksonville.


Fence Repair

Fences don’t last forever, even professionally installed ones. Fences could need repairs or replacements for any number of reasons, and often times you’ll only need to repair or fix a small portion of your fence


Wood Fencing

Protect your property, create a new privacy fence, and enjoy your time outdoors a little more with a fence from Best Fence Jacksonville.


Chain link fencing

Chain link fences offer the most economical option available for residential and commercial use in Jacksonville. Chain link fencing is as economical as it is durable, which is why so many people choose to enclose their yards and businesses with chain link fencing.


Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is extremely low maintenance, comes in a wide array of colors and offers excellent privacy for your backyard.


If you’re looking for an affordable fence in Jacksonville, FL that can also raise your property value by gifting it with curb-appeal and security, then look no further. For years, we’ve helped Jacksonville homeowners enclose their properties in high-quality, attractive, and durable fences. We work with all materials, all budget constraints, and all properties. Why settle for a team that’s second best? We offer a wide variety of fencing systems to ensure that you’re getting the best fit for your property. Enjoy our premium selection with the peace of mind that you’ve picked the best.  

If you’re searching for an aluminum fence in Jacksonville, FLdue to the fact that these types of fences are easy to install and extremely budget-friendlythen you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find that we have the best selection of durable, weather-resistant aluminum options available. We also have a wide assortment of options if you’re seeking a wood or a vinyl fence. Also, searching for stockade fences, you’ll discover that we offer the widest selection of styles.

If you’re unsure about the type of fence that suits your property best, our team will be more than happy to go over your options with you. We have many designs available that will work if you’re choosing a gate for privacy, protection, or safety. 

Here are some tips for choosing a fence for your property:

If the goal is extra privacy, focus on fencing options that don’t have gaps or spaces between the boards. You will also want to select a higher fence that reaches your desired height or that of your property.

When the goal is security, a taller fence that is harder to climb is your go-to option. Adding a trellis at the top of a fence can add extra height and protection while also delivering a pleasant aesthetic touch.

If the goal is to keep children and pets away from the road, a chain link fence is a very good option that won’t obscure the view. Proper installation that prevents dogs from digging under fences is important!

If you’re trying to obscure an unpleasant sight, for example, the road, or simply want to give your neighbors their privacy, a fencing style with small gaps between the boards will allow you to block out views while still allowing light to pass through.

A fence with a minimum height of 48 inches is recommended as an appropriate safety barrier for homes with pools.

If the goal is to keep critters away from your yard, a high fence that is completely solid is advised. It’s not uncommon for deer to jump 8-foot fences to enter yards to nibble on shrubs, flowers, and garden vegetables.

For those looking for a low-maintenance, durable fence option, vinyl is an excellent choice that stands up to corrosion in coastal Florida’s humid, saltwater environments.

Too many options? No need to feel overwhelmed. Our team is here to show you the benefits behind every option and to give you a personalized assessment based on your property and, most importantly, its terrain. We’re also able to help you with custom or hybrid fencing solutions based on how you use your yard!

Why an Affordable Fence in Jacksonville, FL?

Best Fence Jacksonville can meet all your needs! It’s not just a question of installing a fence that fixes your current predicament, it’s a question of ROI (Return On Investment). A good fence, properly installed and maintained, can add to your property’s resale value. How much? Local estimates are between 7-18%. A well-structured fence will spruce up your home’s market value. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that knows how to interpret your needs while also factoring in certain essential information that you might be unaware of. We fabricate and install a wide variety of fencing materials for commercial and residential properties that add value for a reasonable cost. 

Jacksonville is one of Florida’s most beautiful regions, full of verdant greenery, lush vegetation, and amazing beaches. It has a beautiful city landscape and a booming metropolis full of people and life. It is on account of all these unique characteristics that getting expert help is a must. Professionals with years of experience under their belt can do an audit of your home and tell you critical factors about its landscapes, the human dynamics of the region, the weather patterns, and the animals found in its radius. Vital information that will ensure that you get the best fence available for your unique situation. 

For example, one of the benefits of having your next fence designed and installed by a locally owned and operated fence company is that we understand what it takes for fences to hold up in the ever changing Florida climate. Many of our products are specially developed and treated to thrive in the naturally hot, humid, and high-salt coastal region of the state.

We use high-quality materials from premium, trusted brands in the fencing industry.

Jacksonville Fence Companies Repair and Install Multiple Types of Fences

No fencing need is too big or small for our experienced, highly professional team. We routinely complete fencing installations for homes, large residential communities, and commercial properties. We can help you choose beautiful gates and entryways that will help to turn your fence into an elegant part of your landscape. We also specialize in garden fences that protect treasured greenery and vegetation from local wildlife.

The team at Best Fence Jacksonville is here to help you every step of the way! Owning a fence is a huge step. A huge step in the right direction but a step nonetheless. There are many hurdles to jump over.  It’s not just a decision that will add costs to the whole project but a ton of queries that keep you up at night. Things like city ordinances, neighborhood codes, animals that call Jacksonville their home, pollution, durability, and maintenance. This is why it’s essential to hire the project out to expert contractors with stunning certification and individuals in the field that know their stuff and have the credentials to back up their claims.

Simply give us a call or use the Contact Us form above to get your free quote for a fence in Jacksonville! We’re proud to offer fencing products from premium brands as part of our commitment to excellence.

Get started on designing your fence project by calling Best Fence Jacksonville for your quote today! Stop living the dream and wake up to the possibilities.

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At Best Fence located in Jacksonville, FL we provide a wide variety of services for your next fence construction project for anything from wood fence installation, chain link fence repair to pre-cast concrete fence supplies. Best Fence has fence contractors for Jacksonville and surrounding areas to help with your next fence construction project.

Get your free quote today!

At Best Fence located in Jacksonville, FL we provide a wide variety of services for your next fence construction project for anything from wood fence installation, chain link fence repair to pre-cast concrete fence supplies. Best Fence has fence contractors for Jacksonville and surrounding areas to help with your next fence construction project.

Get your free quote today!

At Best Fence located in Jacksonville, FL we provide a wide variety of services for your next fence construction project for anything from wood fence installation, chain link fence repair to pre-cast concrete fence supplies. Best Fence has fence contractors for Jacksonville and surrounding areas to help with your next fence construction project.